CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility


Since 2004, IDEAL Meetings & Events (formerly Ideal Gourmet) has set up a Societal Responsibility action. The company is founded on 3 Values that have consequences on all the stakeholders.

They are:

  • Quality
  • Reactivity
  • Client and Supplier Respect

Therefore, as an ambitious and innovative company, our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) action aims to integrate the social, societal and environmental issues, into the group’s strategy.

To do so, a CSR strategy is formalized. This strategy, accessible to all our clients, involves all the stakeholders of IDEAL Meetings & Events via our Intranet. It is built around seven main questions of ISO 26000. A manager was named (Fabien Martre) in order to insure communication to the stakeholders and to set up different improvements.

The CSR policy is periodically evaluated and the entire company is informed on the improvements during our bi-annual seminars.

IDEAL Meetings & Events is committed to the CSR’s standards.

  • Create, shape and develop our communication tools in order to respect the environment
  • Insure that the events are designed and offered to respect the social and societal dimension, not only in the conception but also in its accomplishment and devices used
  • Choose these new challenges in order to supply long-term support to our Clients and Suppliers in a continual upgrade of the CSR policy


The Corporate Social Responsibility of IDEAL Meetings & Events
1. The Environment
  • 1.1 Financial policy of fluids – natural resources & Action Plan to improve it
  • 1.2 Supplier Actions
2. Questions relating to consumers
  • 2.1  Fair business practices regarding the commercialization, information and contracts
  • 2.2  Protection of the health and security of the consumers
  • 2.3  Sustainable consumption
  • 2.4  Customer service, assistance and resolution of complaints – consumer disputes
  • 2.5  Data and consumer privacy protection
  • 2.6  Education and awareness
3.   Fair business practices
  • 3.1  Fight against corruption
  • 3.2  Responsible political commitment
  • 3.3  Group’s Value Charter
  • 3.4  Fair competition
  • 3.5  Development of societal responsibility in the value chain
  • 3.6  Respect of proprietary rights
4.   The communities and local development
  • 4.1  Involvement with the communities
  • 4.2  Education and culture
  • 4.3  Job creation and improving skills
  • 4.4  Improving technologies and access to technologies
  • 4.5  Wealth and income creation
  • 4.6  Health
  • 4.7  Investing in the company
5.   Human rights
  • 5.1  Duty of care
  • 5.2  Situations presenting a risk for Human rights
  • 5.3  Avoidance of complicity
  • 5.4  Addressing Human rights abuses
  • 5.5  Discrimination and vulnerable groups
  • 5.6  Civil and political rights
  • 5.7  Economical, social and cultural rights
  • 5.8  Fundamental principals and the right to work
  • 5.9  Code of ethics
6.   The relationships and work conditions
  • 6.1  Employment and employer/employee relationships
  • 6.2  Work conditions and social protection
  • 6.3  Social dialogue
  • 6.4  Health and safety at work
  • 6.5  Developing human capital
7.   Governance of the organization

1.       The environment

1.1.  Financial policy of fluids – natural resources & Action Plan to improve it

Transport Policy :

The associates only travel by public transport and to encourage this, the company bears the cost of half of the RATP subscription. Apart from a motorbike for the meetings and location visits in Paris, IDEAL Meetings & Events doesn’t have any vehicles. The events close to public transport are highlighted to the clients.

No Paper Policy :

Eco-responsible office

Having been confronted with the “print addiction” which is intense in event management, the managing director of IDEAL Meetings & Events makes it a priority to motivate its team to rarely print or post letters or invoices. Our policy is to set up alternative and practical solutions, substituting paper printing for emails that are more functional and secure. Each exchange is saved and stored.

The eco-responsible office means double-sided black & white printing.


The special characteristic of our “gift boxes” is that they are 20 times less paper consuming than the traditional gift boxes as the brochure listing the restaurants is accessible online on a secure and dedicated website.

Furthermore, we do not manufacture useless “goodies”, our only project is to create pens with the IDEAL Meetings & Events logo, a useful gift. For the business gifts, we offer our Gastronomic Invitations.



Paper mailing has never been used in the company. We communicate by email/Newsletter and any other non-tangible media. We don’t edit any catalogs or paper brochures and nearly only use documents that are sent by email. Regarding the business cards, they are given out only when no email exchange (with the details in the signature) has taken place.


Since the end of September 2012, 100% of printing is done on recycled paper.


We have totally dematerialized sending and receiving of faxes. This action aims to completely end printing faxes which are sent by email directly (fax to email and email to fax) and the goal was met in the beginning of 2013.


We have banished paper fiscal and social declarations.

We have dematerialized our annual account filing since 2012.

Reducing the use of natural resources:

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning, a large energy consumer, is only used in cases of big heat waves that create unacceptable work conditions for our employees.

For example, it only ran for 180h in 2012.

Internal natural resource economy

Improvements :
We recycle our ink toner, water-efficient taps, compact fluorescent bulbs and lamps.

1.2.  Supplier Actions


The relationships and exchange with our suppliers are subjected to the “no paper” rule and all the exchanges are by email.Moreover, we systematically refuse all brochures being sent by them by paper. We centralize all our supplier information in the “Servo” and therefore avoid business cards on the project mangers’ desks or sales brochures…

Choice of eco-friendly suppliers

We have developed partnerships with suppliers engaged in an eco-friendly action especially by using local and fresh products. This limits useless travel and insures quality and freshness (ex: Shake Eat, Orenoc…).

In order to offer locations in accordance with the CSR strategies of our clients, we also seek the services of caterers offering ecological meal trays (like Firmin or MG Réception) or that offer organic products (like Té Traiteur Ethique).

In order to promote taking public transport, we choose easily accessible locations close to underground or train stations. This limits bus transfers or travelling by car.

Finally, we work with locations employing people that are being reinserted (L’usine, Groupe SOS).


Increase of the number of suppliers/partners engaged in a CSR action


In order to avoid sending letters, we pay most of our invoices by bank transfer and send the transfer notification by email. This means there is no printing, no checks or transfer notifications sent. Furthermore, we accept invoices sent by email.

We encourage our clients to do the same and respond favorably to all dematerialization request regarding sending transfer notification…

Tailored email signatures

In order to advise our suppliers and clients in a sustainable development approach, we are implementing the following message into the signature of our associates’ emails at IDEAL Meetings & Events:

“Think of the environment before printing this message”

In the middle of 2013, over 25% of the employees integrated this signature and it is intended to be set up for all the associates by the end of 2013

2.       Questions relating to consumers

2.1.  Fair business practices regarding the commercialization, information and contracts

Conditions of sale

Our conditions of sale respect the existing regulation and are accessible to all via our website. The size and font is similar to those used on the rest of our website.



2.2.  Protection of the health and security of the consumers

Quality charter of our suppliers

We request that our suppliers have a strict quality charter in order to preserve them from any kind of outbursts and insure a quality service to our clients. Also, communication is the key to durable and productive relationships. Our processes are to systematically broadcast our customer’s returns on the suppliers’ performances whether they are positive or negative.

Quality Charter: a commitment held up by all our Member Restaurants:

The parties engage in a Quality Charter to provide the beneficiaries of model quality.

  • The Company accomodates the Beneficiaries with a privileged welcome
  • The Company seeks to assign one of the best tables to the Beneficiaries of IDEAL GOURMET
  • The Company promises to keep its associates informed of the acceptance of IDEAL GOURMET Customers
  • The Company respects the stipulated menu but adapts the “IDEAL GOURMET all inclusive menu” to the needs of the Beneficiaries (Changing a starter, main course or dessert, swapping wine for non alcoholic beverages…) with no extra cost
  • The Company promises to respect the “IDEAL GOURMET all inclusive menu” and doesn’t try to “oversell” to the Beneficiaries, this means imposing or encouraging the Beneficiary to buy a complementary service when benefiting from an “all inclusive” Invitation.
  • The Company accepts the Beneficiaries IDEAL GOURMET every day and at each service within a reasonable booking deadline.
  • Bank holidays are not excluded when the restaurant is open.

The fight against fraud

In order to insure a secure payment to our individual clients, we are in constant search for secure information about them to ensure, in case of a problem, their identity. This allows us to avoid payment fraud online: a landline, a paid email address or a copy of their ID is requested. This prevents our services from accepting a payment from a stolen credit card and protects not only the real owner of the card but also IDEAL Meetings & Events (formerly Ideal Gourmet).

2.3.  Sustainable consumption

One of the founding values of IDEAL Meetings & Events is Quality, our products and services are created accordingly with a sustainable performance.

The Gastronomic Invitations low in paper

The special characteristic of our “gift boxes” is that they are 20 times less paper consuming than the traditional gift boxes as the brochure listing the restaurants is accessible online on a secure and dedicated website. We send our booking vouchers (for Groups + pre-paid bookings) by email only.

The e-invitations sent by email

Furthermore, we have created e-invitations that are offered to our BtoB clients for their business challenges, loyalty programs …

Some clients have followed that approach: Groupe Correlation, Orange… In the future we would also like to put in place the e-invitations for our BtoC clients.

No brochures sent

IDEAL Meetings & Events centralize the services of one client, they don’t receive multiple brochures from the suppliers that are interrogated.

Ecological stamps

In order to limit the transport of post by plane, which uses more energy, we have adopted since 2012 the “green stamps” for any letter.


Environmentally friendly decoration and furniture. The equipment used for different services must be re-usable and eco-designed

2.4.  Customer service, assistance and resolution of complaints – consumer disputes

Always aiming to satisfy the customer, our quality charter requires us to always respond to any complaint.

As a middle-man, we listen to both sides and always try to find a satisfying private solution.

2.5.  Data and consumer privacy protection

We respect the rules established by the CNIL and by the different articles of the law (article 2 of the law 78-17 modified on January 6th 1978 or the computing law and Libertés of January 6th 1978 for example), in order to respect the information given by our clients. Therefore, we use the useful information only in the case of a scheduled event and never ask for information in any other case (like background or political opinions…).

Furthermore, the unsubscription to our Newsletter is simple and with no need of a confirmation.

2.6.  Access to essential services

The access to IDEAL Meetings & Events’ services requires concrete measures:

  • Access to the location: when we acquire a new partner, we systematically ask how to access their location (airport/close train or underground station, parking, accessibility for persons with reduced mobility)
  • Access to culture: we have set up cultural services for our clients (partnerships with museums for example) and with locations that are a part of the French heritage (renowned Michelin star restaurants, locations included in the UNESCO’s natural heritage…)
  • Access to information: our different websites group together all the information necessary to make a choice in full knowledge of the elements (menu, practical information, presentation text…). Our site idealgourmet.fr that groups together all our partner restaurants under contract with a negotiated price is in French and English. The same goes for Ideal Cabaret and Ideal Croisière. In 2013, we also translated our second most visited website www.idealseminaire.fr into English. Moreover, we created a blog entirely in English.

Furthermore, it must be noted that our services are free of charge for all our clients which facilitates the access to these essential services.

2.7.  Education and awareness

In order to guaranty access to the essential information to our clients, we have developed different communication tools: the different IDEAL Meetings & Events websites repeat the Conditions of Sales and necessary data, the Gastronomic Invitations explain the booking procedures, our phone number is free of charge, just like our advice. This allows us to have a clear and transparent pitch when addressing our clients.

3.       Fair business practices

3.1.  Fight against corruption

Our activity was built around equity, whether it’s with our partners or our clients. One of the 3 founding values of IDEAL Meetings & Events is respect, which leads to a fight against corruption.

Fight against corruption with our suppliers

We have built our relationships with our suppliers on a win-win basis: we don’t ask for any contribution, sign up or affiliation fee.

That way, we are compensated only when we bring clients to a location, the commissions are established in advance via a rate grid which is the same for everyone and valid for every event no matter who the client is.

The indicated prices are calculated based on the public prices of the locations in order to offer fair prices to our clients. Therefore, a client booking through IME will pay as much or less than when booking through the location itself.

We must also note that all our partner hotels, restaurants, event locations are emphasized on our website via appropriate listings in our data base. This business policy set up by IME means that all Project Managers are neutral when advising their clients. We are certain that the recommended locations are the ones that correspond best to the clients needs and expectations instead of any influence or arranged offer.

Furthermore, we continue to fight against fraud by paying only by bank transfer (and not in cash) and only by invoice. This allows us to make sure our partners don’t “under claim” their revenues.

Fight against corruption with our clients

It’s important to develop healthy and durable relationships with our clients. To do so, we have chosen to diversify our client portfolio (companies/individuals/different lines of business…). The client that represents the biggest part of our turnover only represents 7% of our global turnover. On average, a company as a client represents 0.16% of our turnover, this insures a minimal dependency on our clients and insures an impartiality.

3.2.  Responsible political commitment

It is a question of putting in place better business practices and therefore avoid any abuse of authority, disloyal competition or disrespect of property rights. We handle our entire activity responsibly. All our events are carried out clearly and responsibly (clients and suppliers copied into emails, accurate and honest invoicing…). We obviously negotiate as much as possible with our suppliers to meet our clients’ expectations but we never pressure, threaten or try to coerce them.

Moreover, we respect our peers: if our goal is obviously to grow on the market, it is done so while respecting our competition.

IME has a long term approach and an irresponsible policy is contradictory to this desire.

3.3.     Group’s Value Charter

In order to formalize its loyal practices, IME has set up a Charter of Values that each employee of the group has to sign. They vow to respect their commitments with their colleagues, clients and suppliers and demonstrate integrity especially regarding gifts from suppliers.

3.4.  Fair competition

IME puts everything in place to insure a free and fair competition. No arrangement with the competition (agreement or abuse of leading position) has been conducted, the events market is made up of many different participants with whom our capacity to develop solutions is adapted to the needs of our clients. The best proof is our level of satisfaction: 91% of our clients were satisfied or very satisfied in 2011.

3.5.  Development of societal responsibility in the value chain

In order to insure the durability of our partnerships and therefore a respect of the CSR, we have regular exchanges with our suppliers and listen to their needs: the goal is to insure a collaboration based on a “win win” basis while respecting our values. As stated, our suppliers must respect a Charter of Quality and purchasing terms of our clients.

3.6.  Respect of proprietary rights

IME is part of an attempt to respect the law which include proprietary rights. It is a question of insuring the rights of legal persons of the different parties. For example, our website is built on contents for which IME owns the intellectual property rights (like presentation texts which we write ourselves) or owns the rights of use (for the photos).

4.       The communities and local development

4.1.  Involvement with the communities

IME is involved in the communities that it is a part of:

Gastronomic community

We are involved in the gastronomic community:

  • Toques Blanches
  • JRE
  • Club Prosper Montagne

Tourism community

The group is also involved in the tourism community:

  • PIDF
  • OTCP
4.2.  Education and culture

In order to develop culture and education we regularly employ interns and teach them different rules to follow (like punctuality), the behaviors to adopt in a company (“know how”) and are active in their learning (training on different tools and procedures).

We also encourage cultural “team-building” which we’ve been preferentially commercializing for 6 years (museum visits, passages…).

4.3.  Job creation and improving skills

0 jobs in 2004

45 in 2015

The recruitment is exponential in IME, if the hiring of interns in pre-employment is practiced, the hiring of employees in a permanent contract is the dominant standard.

4.4.  Improving technologies and access to technologies

Innovative technological tools

We have also developed innovative computing tools:

  • Le Servo: our complete data accessible to all
  • Algo: our optimized solution for invoicing
  • Easyvent: an efficient tool to assign requests
  • Extranet: a dedicated website for each client with restricted access

Access to technologies

These tools are accessible to all IME employees. Each one of them disposes of two screens, an internet connection and an adapted training to optimize the use of the different technologies.

Acceptable use policy of information and communication technologies

In the first semester of 2013, we set up a charter of Acceptable use of information and communication technologies, accessible to all our associates through the intranet.

This charter establishes the use of computing resources, internet services, the intranet and extranet, rules of security, the acceptable use rules, the confidentiality terms, the intellectual property code and websites and the enforcement of them.

4.5.  Wealth and income creation

The company pays a large part of its employees with an unlimited variable salary. IME is profitable for the last 3 fiscal years. We do not look to optimize our taxation and pay our taxes without benefiting from any loopholes…

4.6.  Health

The medical visit

The annual medical visit is obligatory and is respected by all employees. The equipment is designed for the comfort of all (ergonomic chairs, two computer screens…).

Access to information on local doctors

The details of local doctors are accessible on our intranet.

4.7.  Investing in the company

We have created partnerships with the “brasseries” and local restaurants for our employees and put forth the local businesses, artisans and doctors on our intranet.

Improvements: Furthermore, we have a project to create an Invitation from which funds will be repaid to “Resto du Coeur” in 2014.

5.      Human rights

5.1.  Duty of care

IME is conscious of the impact consequent to the decisions taken and the activities on Human rights and is careful that all parties respect these rights. Therefore, all action engaged requires awareness regarding on one hand civil and political rights and on the other hand labor, health and education rights.

5.2.  Situations presenting a risk for Human rights

With an overall respect of the CSR principals, IME avoids taking any risks and puts everything in place to encourage the respect of Human rights. All our operations take place on French soil with partners that we know and trust and respect Human rights.

Furthermore, we don’t purchase anything outside of the EU which limits risk.

5.3.  Avoiding complicity

We don’t condone in any way the organizations violating Human rights. We don’t have a way to monitor each of our partners’ operations but if one of our clients informs us of an action that doesn’t conform to these fundamental rights, we immediately put an end to the partnership.

5.4.  Addressing Human rights violations

It is a question of preventing any violation of Human rights along our entire chain of activity. If we were informed of any non respect of Human rights by any party, we would refer them to the correct authorities.

5.5.  Discrimination and vulnerable groups

Equal chances are provided within IME. This means that hiring is based on experience, motivation or skill and not regarding criteria like sex or origins. This is also translated by a perfect equality between male and female employees and by the establishment of merit payments calculated equally.

The biggest salaries are earned by women, women that represent 70% of total staff.

5.6.  Civil and political rights

IME ensures that these rights are respected in order to protect their associates and allow them to participate in good governance. Internally, this consists of freedom of speech and access to information, freedom of thought/conscience/religion or privacy. Staff representatives have been elected by the employees, freely and anonymously, in order to encourage social dialog with the management.

5.7.  Economic, social and cultural rights

IME insures a sufficient salary to insure the economic rights of the employees, respects social rights (to insure fair working conditions, hygiene and security, access to social security…) and finally allows access to culture not only internally but also for clients.

5.8.  Fundamental principals and labor rights

Again, IME puts everything in place to ensure a high quality of work and internal social relationships. All associates are subjected to a contract, from the interns present for a few weeks to the attendants working occasionally on some operations on a short term contract. The implementation and breach of the contract are stipulated in it and we insure the respect of maximum hourly rates and maximum rest periods. There is also a recreation area for the employees.

5.9.  Code of ethics

In order to formalize the commitments of the company in terms of Human rights and ethics in general, a code of ethics was established in 2013. It is accessible by all associates via the intranet and everyone can therefore resort to it anonymously within the company

6.       The relationships and work conditions

6.1.  Employment and employer/employee relationships

IDEAL Meetings & Events compte un peu plus d’une vingtaine de salariés.

IME has today over 45 employees.

Social responsible employer

We are committed to a socially responsible employer perspective and have a long term will to hire while respecting the values that are important to us and our CSR policy.

Reward for merit

Our internal relationships are also based on strict rules which guaranty the respect of our CSR policy. For the directing manager of IME, it is important to regularly communicate with his associates on the company principals. Internal promotion and taking responsibility is encouraged. Which is why 3 Project Managers started their career at IME as interns and now have a permanent contract.

6.2.  Work conditions and social protection

To insure the respect of work conditions and access to social security, all associates are under contract and a collective agreement. The executives have access to preventive healthcare and a conventional framework removes the waiting time in case of illness after a year of seniority.

6.3.  Social dialog

Our internal organization is based on communication and exchange. The associates are frequently implicated in the process of decision making: every passed experience, ever constructive opinion, every criticism is used.

Ex: the “best practice meetings”

Moreover, the proximity with the managers is encouraged by a flat organization and establishment of monthly reporting.

6.4.  Health and safety at work

As stated, all employees are up to date in their medical visits and are able. An informal communication is installed in order to prevent risks related to alcohol, Tabaco and drugs. The safety manager in the general manager, Fabien Martre. In 2013, we also put up signs in the toilets encouraging basic hygiene and we planned in 2013 a training for the employees on the risks especially in regards to events.

6.5.  Developing human capital

The strength of IME is to offer complete services and this strength has to do with the capacity of the associates to be available, reactive and their capacity to offer solutions adapted to the clients’ needs.

The management makes a point of developing the skills of the associates in order to provide a high quality service. This is why the training of a Project Manager lasts 6 months and starts out as being an assistant to a Senior Project Manager.

The Project Managers must manage their projects from A to Z, from taking briefs to invoicing. The training is therefore complete and diversified.

Developing location knowledge.

Advice starts with an essential stage consisting of knowing the locations: the Educ Tour. Therefore, the entire team knows all the Parisian locations and a large number of provincial locations. To do so, every Wednesday, for 8 years, we have Educ Tours with our Partners, visit different new locations, try their “cuisine”. The same exercise exists for Hotels during an Educ Tour with visits of the different spaces (rooms, seminar spaces, restaurants…) or as weekend vouchers with a night and visit. In this case, the Project Manager presents the location and their experience during the weekly meeting that brings together all the Project Managers the following Thursday.

Internal evolution

As stated all associates are involved in the evolution of the group. After the phase of skill and knowledge acquisition all associates can take on new responsibilities within the group. This is to encourage internal promotions and to use skills and knowledge from everyone.

7.       Governance of the organization

IME is characterized by strong values that govern the relationships between the different parties. One of these values, respect, means a daily mutual help, solidarity and friendliness towards the different associates. Each new arrival is integrated and treated fairly compared to others. Also a “godfather or godmother” is assigned in order to insure a perfect integration.

As part of our CSR policy, we have engaged in efforts of governance:

  • We have decided to make our accounts public. This allows all parties to dispose of financial information on our company.
  • We have increased the company’s equity from 15k€ to 100K€ in 2011. The equity is therefore positive and allows us to insure comfortable operating funds.
  • Male/female job equality and equivalent seniority is perfectly respected.
  • Our financial structure is healthy and we don’t have any bank loans.
  • An annual bonus is paid to all employees and represents 2/3 of 1/12th of the last 12 months.
  • We regularly inform the employees of the company’s evolution during the bi-annual general meetings. Monthly, we promote the actions of the different services when sending out the “To Do List”. We systematically request the entire staff’s experience on the situation in the company at least once a month. Finally, we carry out yearly interviews with all of our employees.
  • The employees are regularly consulted and associated to the company’s decisions. Their implication depends on the hierarchy (Executive Committee, Weekly Sales Meeting, Brainstorming Lunches, Improvement Meetings…)
  • We take care to not depend on only a few clients (none represent more than 7%)
  • Any business transaction is followed by a customer satisfaction survey.

Code of ethics

In order to formalize the organization’s governance policy, a code of ethics was established during the 1st semester of 2013. It is accessible by all associates via the intranet and everyone can therefore resort to it anonymously within the company. This code is made to establish a corpus of principles to the company’s scale, relating to the values of IME and its respect allows to ensure that all the men and women of IME share a common baseline.

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