Seminar and professional event in the mountains « in France »

Seminar and professional event in the mountains « in France »

Organize your seminar in the mountains ! France has numerous mountainous regions and they are all suited to welcome your corporate event in the mountains.

Sporty and relaxing residential seminar in the mountains this breath of fresh air will no doubt do your co-workers some good! In the summer or in the winter, a seminar in the mountains is a unique possibility to enjoy numerous activities. Hikes, biking, snow shoing, skiing, snowboarding, snow scooter… a lot of incentive possibilities during your professional event in the mountains ! All the incentive activities chosen during your seminar  are very useful too: motivating co-workers, integrating new employees, thanking the most effective co-workers, creating group dynamics, a corporate sense of belonging…

With eight mountainous regions, France is really the ideal place for a seminar in the mountains ! Alps, Ardennes, Massif central, Corsica, Jura, Morvan, Pyrénées and Vosges, all those are destinations for your coming seminars , and you do not have to go far away from a city to find them.


If you want to look for a location and organize your residential seminar in the mountains, use our search engine “looking for a venue” or trust us with your project, Ideal Meetings & Events will be happy to help if you fill out the form. Be as specific as possible!





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