Organize a Thematic Seminar or Event « in France »

Organize a Thematic Seminar or Event « in France »

Organize a thematic seminar ! Pick one theme, and make it the focal point of your seminar!

Wine tasting and cuisine : organizing your thematic corporate event is the perfect excuse to have your co-workers discover wine tasting and gourmet cuisine. Visiting wine cellars, blind tastings, a dinner with a sommelier in charge, wine tasting is truly popular for surprising seminars.
As for gourmet cuisine, there are cooking classes like molecular cuisine classes very popular when it comes to thematic seminars !

Industrial tourism : a thematic seminar can also be an opportunity to mix work and new discoveries while organizing an industrial tourism outing. During your thematic seminar, numerous companies can welcome your co-workers.
You want to learn how chocolate is made? How a car is built? A plane? How do craftsmen make all those little things? Industrial tourism allows you to find an answer to all those questions!
The tidal power plant on the Rance River, the Perrier factory in Vergèze…
those are only some examples of possibilities when it comes to industrial tourism perfect for a thematic seminar !

Getting into shape activities : why not organize your thematic seminar around some getting back into shape activities?
Organize your thematic seminar in a venue with a spa, allowing you to relax fully!
Those thematic seminar are often a possibility to enjoy some salty air as well, and discover other activities by the sea.

Land based Activities : Organize your thematic seminar around some land based activities !
Those activities are simple to organize, they do not necessitate long transport, and they are always greatly enjoyed!
Your thematic seminar is the perfect opportunity to enjoy numerous activities: paint ball, tree climbing, hiking, mountain biking, sports challenge, roller blading, bungee jumping…
All those are great incentive activities for your unusual seminar !

In the air : Organize your thematic seminararound some activities in the air!
There are numerous such activities in the airthat your co-workers will greatly enjoy: helicopter, parachuting, hanggliding…
Originality and exhilaration are two key ingredients for your seminar organized around activities in the air.

Golf : Very popular in several companies, golf seminars sare often greatly appreciated between two meetings.
Golf seminarswill be perfect for your co-workers whatever their level, as long as they are ready to relax!
With over 600 golf courses in France, organizing a golf seminar allows you to easily mix meetings and relaxing moments!

Cultural activities : organize your thematic seminar around cultural activities!
Mix work and culture during your thematic seminar.
You can enjoy a number of cultural visits all around the country: museums, chateaux, monuments, urban architecture, those are only some of the cultural activities you will be able to enjoy during your thematic seminar.

If you want to look for a venue and organize your thematic seminar, use our search engine “looking for a venue” or trust us with your project, Ideal Seminar will be happy to help if you fill out the form. Be as specific as possible!





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