Organize a seminar or event in the Paris region

Organize a seminar or event in the Paris region

Seminar Paris region


The region around Paris is divided into 8 districts, 1000 cities and around 12 million inhabitants. It is the largest of France’s regions and you will not have a problem finding a seminar venue ! The Paris region is highly urbanized yet with a surprising amount of forests and large urban parks, your seminar in the Paris region can also be a green one.

The Paris region has many advantages, springing from its economy, its history, its cultural activities… Organizing a corporate event in the Paris region allows you to enjoy the city and green surroundings.

The Paris region offers a cultural panorama that is truly unique! Numerous buildings from different eras are to be found throughout the area: the Medieval town of Provins, the Versailles Palace…

Between two seminar meetings in the Paris region, you can navigate on a dozen rivers, discover some of France’s most beautiful villages and enjoy local specialties (Montmorency cherries, Brie de Meaux, honey from the Gâtinais…).

The Paris region is the first business destination in the world (Paris included), so enjoy one of the numerous seminar venues offered by Ideal Seminar.

The Paris region is the second airport hub in Europe, while it also boasts a fine railway network, keeping it connected to all major cities in France.

To find your seminar venue in the Paris region, fill out our form or click on the map !

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