Organize a seminar or an event in Rhône Alpes, France

Organize a seminar or an event in Rhône Alpes, France

The Rhône Alpes region covers 8 districts and the largest city is Lyon. It is very attractive from an economic point of view, and demographically it is particularly strong. Its larges cities of Lyon, Grenoble, Valence, Chambéry, Annecy, Saint Etienne, Bourg en Bresse are so many occasions to organize your seminar in Rhône 

Alpes. Numerous mountains exist here and can become a source of activities during your Rhône Alpes seminar(residential seminar, semi residential seminar, study day…) : Massif Central, Jura, Alps, Vercors. The Rhône Alpes region is home to 8 national parks, unique sites like the Mont Blanc Mountain and the Ardèche gorges, Léman Lake. You can always find something that suits you in the region. All sports are accessible, skiing, hiking, biking, canoeing… A large range of choices to impress on your co workers during your Rhône Alpes seminar !

This is an economically large region and it boasts a very well developed transport network, numerous high speed train stations and international airports. Organizing a seminar in Rhône Alpes is really easy, it is close to both Northern and Southern France.

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