Organize a seminar or an event in Limousin, France

Organize a seminar or an event in Limousin, France

Seminar Limousin

The Limousin region is almost only located in the mountainous Massif Central.

Organizing in seminar in Limousin, means you can enjoy a number of activities related to eco-tourism (hiking, discovery of natural treasures,) and historic tourism (historic sites, industrial heritage). Enjoy your residential  seminar in Limousin to discover natural sites: the Millevaches plateau, Vassivière Lake, Dordogne Valley, Vézère Valley, Vienne Valley…

The cuisine in Limousin is based on specific products: the famous Limousin beef, cul noir pork, Limousin mutton, Brive moutard… Discover specialties from the region during your Limousin seminar : Creuse fondue, black blood sausage with chestnuts, enchaud, St Leonard marzipan…

Transport has developed considerably in the Limousin region. A professional event in the Limousin region is really easy, you can access your venue by road, railroad or plane.

If you want to choose a seminar venue in Limousin, use our search engine or trust IDEAL Meetings & Events with your request.





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