Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event

Champagne Ardenne


Organizing a seminar in the Champagne Ardenne region gives you an opportunity to visit the vineyards and wine houses, among the most famous in the world: the Champagne houses.

Sites and itineraries are very diverse and you can discover cultural heritage along with gourmet cuisine. During your seminar in Champagne Ardenne, you will discover its towns and all its riches: Troyes with its old houses, Châlons en Champagne, its monastery and waterways, Langres and its city walls, Epernay and its champagne, Sedan and its château, Reims with its cathedral or Colombey les deux Eglises with the Charles de Gaulle Memorial.

Organize your seminar in Champagne Ardenneand you can enjoy numerous activities in between two meetings: on the water, in the air or on the ground, quad, hiking trails, air balloon, canoeing…

seminar in Champagne Ardenne is the perfect moment to enjoy some products from the region, tasting champagne or white blood sausage from Rethel, tripe sausage from Troyes, Ardennes ham, those are just some of the specialties.

150 km from Paris only, it is easy to get to Champagne Ardenne region for your seminar. The region boasts a nice road network along with railways, airports, inland waterways.

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