Organize a seminar or an event in Auvergne, France

Organize a seminar or an event in Auvergne, France

Auvergne is a region located in the Massif Central Mountains, with a lot of water, lakes and high altitude grazing for cattle. Organizing aseminar in Auvergne means you choose a region where nature is very present.

Auvergne is the place to be for eco-tourism, and your co-workers will no doubt enjoy that during their seminar in Auvergne. The regional volcano park in Auvergne, called Vulcania, skiing resorts and the “Michelin Adventure”, all that is on the programme during your seminar in Auvergne.

The region is also well known for its hot springs. Under Napoleon 3d, Vichy became “The Queen of Water cities” in the middle of the 19th century. A seminar in Auvergne, can be truly refreshing !

Auvergne and its capital, Clermont Ferrand, enjoy an excellent road network, allowing it to be connected to all the larger cities in the country. A direct connection between Paris and Clermont Ferrand means the journey takes only 3h30 min. So if you want to organize your seminar in Auvergne, it is easy to get there !

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