Organize a seminar in Lorraine

Organize a seminar in Lorraine

Seminar Lorraine

The main cities in Lorraine are Nancy, Metz and Thionville with a number of hotels and seminar venues in Lorraine.

Metz has a very old history, with a rich heritage, from Medieval times until modern times. The city is well known for its water and its gardens. Its nickname is the garden city. A seminar in Metz is truly refreshing !

The city of Nancy also boasts a rich heritage, thanks to famous place Stanislas, a Unesco world heritage stie, along with Place de la Carrière and Place de l’Alliance. During a seminar in Nancy, there are other places you should not miss: villa Majorelle, Notre Dame de l’Annonciation Cathedral, the Duke’s palace…

seminar in Lorraine is also synonymous with eco-tourism thanks to the Vosges mountains close by, where you can meet with local handicraft and also enjoy industrial tourism. So let your colleagues discover the prestigious Lorraine factories, producing luxury collections that you can then find anywhere in the world. Discover the mining museum in Neufchef, the Uckange steel factory, a seminar in Lorraine is truly a nice occasion for industrial tourism.

Enjoy your lunch or dinner breaks and discover typical cuisine from the region. Some specialties are known throughout the country: quiche Lorraine, macaroons, bergamots, Lorraine paté, Madeleine cakes, frogs… that is your seminar in Lorraine !

With a very well developed transport network, organizing your seminar in Lorraine is easy: surprise your co workers and organize a seminar in Lorraine.

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