Organise a leadership and management seminar in France

Organise a leadership and management seminar in France

Leadership seminar

leadership seminar is characterized by a small number of participants, with needs that are on the upper side of the range compared to a classic seminar. For a luxury seminar venue, a personalized request or a VIP one, Ideal Seminar will guide you to the best venue for your leadership seminar.

You will find a large number of luxury options in Paris for your leadership seminar. We can offer some rooms with small capacities in luxury surroundings at the heart of the city.

And why not organize a leadership seminar in one of France’s beautiful regions? IDEAL Meetings & Events can offer a number of chateaux, manor houses or luxury hotels, perfect for hosting a leadership seminar outside the city while keeping it discreet.

A seminar by the sea highly appreciated for a leadership seminar! Enjoy the diversity of our coastline for some fresh air on the Riviera, on the Bassin d’Arcachon or in Normandy. Large range of choices for a leadership seminar !

Use our search engine or trust Ideal Seminar with your request for organizing your leadership seminar.

Management seminar

management seminar is aimed at several types of managers and can achieve many goals. Young managers just starting out in the company, managers in need of new horizons and techniques or managers who just want to improve their skills. A management seminar allows participants to assess their situation, make an in depth evaluation of their teams’ communication, identify development possibilities for the manager and his/her team.

Why not organize your management seminar in Paris ? Large range of choices at all budgets and for all tastes. Enjoy your moment in the capital to discover or rediscover some magical places: cruise dinners on the Seine River, cabarets…

If you want some fresh air for your teams, organize your seminar in one of France’s regions. A management seminar will be perfect for a large range of activities, closer to nature. Check our thematic dossiers for inspiration !

Use our search engine or trust Ideal Seminar with your request for organizing your management seminar.




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