No fee Event Agency

No fee Event Agency

IDEAL Meetings & Events is since its start, a totally free Event Agency. Indeed, we guide and accompany you with no fees for your company.

Our business volumes, our unequaled experience in the event field and our large number of negotiated contracts allow us to not bill any fees to our clients. We are only compensated via our business finder commission given by our suppliers.

Our “Low Cost” business model offers to companies’ purchasing departments a real alternative to traditional agencies. We are a low cost event agency but with an unequaled level of satisfaction of 96%!

Apart from agency fees that aren’t billed (normally situated between 8 and 15%), we also make you save up to 30% on prices and between 5 and 10% on costs (deposit fees, time spent researching locations, referencing suppliers…). This equals a potential saving of over 50%!

We do so all while accompanying you throughout your project.

IME, the low cost event agency, supplies a 100% free service of remarkable efficiency!


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