Find a Conference room in France For all your seminars

Find a Conference room in France For all your seminars

Conference room in France

For all your seminars, whatever type of room you are looking for, be sure to find the right place with IDEAL Meetings & Events!

Are you looking to organize an event for 10, 50, 100, 200 or 500 people?
Ideal Seminar will answer your request and offer seminar rooms that are suited to your needs, and it’s a free service!

At any type of comfort level, Ideal Seminar will offer establishments boasting meetings rooms that will meet your expectations.

Several types of lay outs are available for seminar salons and rooms.
They are determined by the number of participants and the type of event you are organizing.
The same conference room can welcome a changing number of participants during the same seminar.

If you want a theatre lay out, a classroom one, U shaped, banquet or cocktail, just inform us about your needs and Ideal Seminar will find the seminar room most suited to your needs.

The classroom layout is just what its name indicates, a reminder of your schooldays.
In this seminar room, one speaker leads the meeting in front of all the participants, each seated on a chair at an individual desk.
This type of layout is not the most recommended one, because of its very school-like associations.
You will most certainly prefer a theatre type of layout, with chairs and writing tablets.

The U shape is highly recommended for meetings between 15 and 25 participants.
Of course it all depends on the actual capacity of the seminar room.
You will choose this type of layout for your meeting room when one speaker is leading the debate, or when participants are watching a presentation on a screen.

The theatre layout is the most common one.
In this seminar room, participants are seated facing the speaker.
They are often equipped with chairs and writing tablets, to be able to take notes.

The cocktail layout indicates the number of participants the seminar room can welcome when everyone is standing up.
This layout for a conference room is perfect for a cocktail party or a buffet lunch.

The banquet layout is adapted when your seminar room is supposed to welcome a seated meal.


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