Venue Finding

Venue Finding

Venue Finding


Venue Finding : The Venue Finder concentrates all its expertise on the recommendation of locations suitable to accommodate the event and puts the client and venue in contact with each other.

Although this practice saw the day in Anglo-Saxon countries in the 90s, it expands in France in the year 2000.

IDEAL Meetings & Events is naturally interested in “Venue Finding” solution. As a business provider, the Venue Finder is compensated by the recommended location that commits to not markup its prices despite paying a commission.

Thanks to our business volume and to the 12 000 operations undertaken each year for our clients IME disposes of a unique negotiation power on the French market.

With their expertise, our Project Managers systematically put the selected locations in competition with each other. Therefore, our clients benefit from the best prices whatever the period.

When Venue Finding, our teams constitute the best bridge for the research, negotiation and referral and its completely free of charge.


 *It is important to note that no compensation or publicity is charged to our referenced venues, unlike most of our competitors.

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