Seminars and Business Meetings

Seminars and Business Meetings

Seminars Business Meetings – Fields of intervention/action


Seminars Business Meetings : IDEAL Meetings & Events brings an all in one logistic solution to all of your Seminar, convention and business meeting needs. Our perimiter is national and we carry out the international needs thanks to our hotel partners implanted all over the world.


Seminars Business Meetings – We dispose of skills and expertise regarding the following points  :

  • Analysis & Guidance of the requirements
  • Location research, negociation and design of the contracts
  • The event requirements regarding Seminars
  • Management of the participants
  • On-site operations (Gala dinners, team building etc.)
  • On-site management with our experienced attendants
  • Centralised invoicing, expense consolidation
  • Performance measure

* Exceptional CP2A (PCDC) !

They are Preferential Conditions for Deposits & Cancelations (PCDC)

A considerable business volume, the lack of fee to be referenced, contractual agreement of payment under 72 hours… This is how a venue perceives IME !

This exceptional partnership, respectful of our suppliers, grants us an incomparable preferential treatment.

Our clients, under a framework contract, benefit from these prefential and exclusive Deposit and Cancelation conditions.


Seminars Business Meetings – Our advantages/Our assets
  • 10% discount guaranteed on all negociated prices and up to 35% on displayed prices.
  • Centralization of all your service under one supplier code
  • Access to the 1st data base in France gathering together over 10 000 locations under the framework contract
  • A dedicated Project Manager advises, researches, negociates, manages the logistic and invoicing
  • Efficiency & Reactivity in the solutions guarantied, according to the needs, in the hour or under 48 hours
  • A report on all the Seminar & Meeting expenses : by BU, type of expense, number of people, region…
  • Controled and optimized risk management thanks to our CP2A (PCDC)*

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Seminars Business Meetings