Events in Restaurants

Events in Restaurants

Corporate Events in Restaurants – Fields of intervention/action


Events in restaurants are at the heart of our trade!

  • Business dinner/Banquets/Team dinners/Corporate dinners/Road show/Cocktails
  • Company parties/Dances/Farewell parties/Press releases
Corporate Events in Restaurants – Our Advantages / Our Assets
  • The largest network in France of restaurants and event venues under contract with 3000 addresses !
  • 10% discount guaranteed on negotiated group prices !
  • A dedicated Project Manager advises, researches, negociates, manages the logistic and invoicing
  • Efficiency & Reactivity in the solutions guarantied, according to the needs, in the hour or under 48 hours
  • Centralization of all your service under one supplier code
  • A report on all of your event and restaurant expenses: by Business Unit, type of expense, number of people, region…
  • All inclusive pre-negotiated menus, guaranteed to be at the maximum price of the group price
  • Business Gifts : 12 ranges of gastronomic invitations in over 1200 restaurants in France
A recognized “Events & Restaurants” expertise

Solid references : The professionnals outsource all or part of their restaurant needs to their IME (formerly IG) clients !

  • Carlson Meetings & Events
  • American Express Meetings & Events
  • Helmbriscoe
  • ATPI​

Events in Restaurants : Your events, gala dinners and business dinners, are successfull thanks to our passionate and expert team that personally knows the locations they offer and don’t leave anything up to chance.

A rigorous selection of our venues

The solution to events in restaurants needs goes through a selection and maintenance of our location data base.

Our suppliers, restaurants, event venues are visited, selected, tested.

Your Project Manager personally knows the referenced venues and can therefore efficiently guide their clients in their research. Our suppliers recognize some business-like and marketing qualities in us and appreciate our quick payment.

This is why they accept to compensate us and commit to not markup their prices because they paying us a commission.