Caterers in France
Caterers in Paris
Caterers in France

Caterers in France – Fields of intervention/action


Caterers in France – IDEAL Meetings & Events covers all your national catering needs for any type of range.

We have referenced over 150 different caterers and dispose of the prices for a large number of them.

A specialized team in « catering » needs manages your event from A to Z !

The Catering online service is created to bring comfort, reactivity and choice. Therefore, when entrusting us with your requirements, you dispose within the hour of 3 offers suitable for your need, including different flavors with the insurance that the selected partners ar regularly invoiced by Ideal Traiteur.

A few references using our catering service nationally :



Company catering needs
  • Meal trays
  • Breaks
  • Breakfasts
  • Cocktails, buffets
  • Internal events
  • Culinary activities/animations
Event catering needs
  • Sit down meals
  • Gala evenings
  • Cocktail « apéritif »
  • Cocktail dinner
  • Culinary activities/animations
  • Reception hall
Exhibition needs
  • Cocktails
  • Staff meal trays
  • Cellars
  • Culinary activities/animations
Reception Halls
  • Unusual locations
  • Cultural locations, museums, castles
  • Barge and boats
  • Roadshow

Carefully selected catering partners


To secure our events, each listing is subjected to a quality study.

All of our caterers are visited, selected, tested. The quality criteria applied are as follows:

  • Qualification “Caterer and reception”
  • Product traceability control
  • Sanitary survey
  • %age of home made products

Our caterers recognize some business-like and marketing qualities in us and appreciate our quick payment. This is why they accept to compensate us and commit to not markup their prices despite paying us a commission

Caterers in France

Caterers in France – Our advantages / Our assets
  • A unique national network made up of over 150 caterers of any range
  • A dedicated Project Manager that advises, researches, negotiates and manages all the logistics and invoicing
  • Efficiency & Reactivity in the solutions guarantied, according to the needs, in the hour or under 48 hours
  • Centralization of all your services under one supplier code
  • A report on all of your event and restaurant expenses: by BU, type of expense, number of people, region…