Event glossary

Event glossary


Artistic agency: Agency specialized in the management and offer of artistic events

Event agency: Service supplier specialized in the conception and organization of an event. It can organize entirely or partly the event

Artistic animation: Presence of artists during an event. They can be professional artists or artists that offer their services during events.

Roving entertainers: Animation that moves during the event and has the goal of entertaining the participants, for example comedians

Stationary animation: Unmoving animation that needs a dedicated space and a particular attention from the participants at a certain moment of the event

Announcer: Organization or company that experiences the event

Plenary assembly: Marks the beginning of an important conference with the possibility of assembling all the event’s participants

Auditorium: Location whose architecture has been specifically intended for its acoustic quality

Buffet: Sweet and savory dishes and drinks for a reception

Dinner buffet: Sought out during cocktails, offers drinks, hors d’oeuvres and dishes that the participants can easily eat while standing up

Cabaret : Establishment with shows including tricks and songs, acts and revues

Castle: In event organizing, we consider castles that have been renovated into hotels, reception halls or meeting rooms

Circus: Location adapted for animations

Cocktail: Reception during evenings offering a meal as a buffet

Conference: Meeting where the participants debate on an issue disposing generally of private rooms

Congress: Inter-branch work meeting during which the participants debate on an issue and disclose the result of their study

Convention: Work meeting, either internal which aims to inform, reflect on, train or treat company problems, or external which aims to present a product or with the view of a promotional communication

Cruise: Event organized on a boat

Decibel: Acoustic unit of measure that allows to evaluate sonic intensity

Charming abode: Large exceptional residential property which can be rented or privatized for an event

U layout: Meeting room in which the layout of the chairs is shaped like a U. Recommended for meetings with a limited number of participants

“School” layout: Each participant disposes of a chair and their own table

“Theatre” layout: The most classical layout: the participants are sat facing the speaker

“Cocktail” layout: Indicates the highest number of people that the hall can accommodate when standing

DMC: Destination Management Company, incoming agency as part of international events

Gala: Party that often takes place in prestigious or ceremonial venues

Incentive: Techniques destined to improve and maintain the motivation of the entire staff of a company

Product launch: Important event to which are invited journalists and people that exert influence on the success of a product launch. Generally, the choice of venue is unique for this type of event

Unusual location: Paid use of a hall generally not open to the public

Loft: Unusual location for an event that focuses on its comfort

Meeting: Work assembly

Outbound & Inbound: Means back and forth. Out of the airport of origin and In to the airport of origin

“Pax”: Term derived from airline industry that means “paying passenger”. Can also mean “person” in restoration

PCO: Professional Congress Organizer is a logistic organizer for a congress. They are a service supplier in guidance, management and coordination of the event, booking…

Event supplier: Supplier that offers a service for an event

Hall privatization: Entirely or partially privatizing a location generally open to the general public

Roadbook: Factsheet given by the organizer that explains the program of the event

Roadshow: Presentation tour of new products or services by the representatives of a company

Conference hall: Venue intended for the organization of a conference

Reception hall: Venue intended to host festive or friendly events

Meeting room: Venue intended for meetings

Fair: Temporary and often periodical exhibition with a theme

Seminar: Associate meeting during one or several days in order to work in a particular atmosphere

Residential seminar: Includes the accomodation of the participants for an overnight stay, access to meeting rooms and entire restoration

Showroom: Venue for exhibitions or sales in which the products of the manufacturer are presented

Dance evening : Event location accepting this type of performance

Team Building : Activities which aim to tighten the relationships of the team and develop the collective values like cohesion and interdependence

TMC: Travel Management Company is the term applied in Anglo-Saxon countries to designate the big travel agencies

Videoconference: Conference during which one of the participants isn’t physically present but is generally by video

Venue Finding : Service activity that literally means “research for meeting locations”

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