Event and Seminar organisation in France

Event and Seminar organisation in France

Seminar organisation in France

Organizing a seminar requires a lot of preparatory work and Ideal Seminar is there to help you with just that part.

The first question you should ask when you organize a seminar is: why am I organizing a seminar? That is truly the first question you should have an answer to, in order for all the steps to be coherent and for your event to be a success.

Want to organize a seminar to go over the balance sheet at the end of the year? Launch a product? Somebody retiring? A new client? A moment to motivate your teams, create a new team spirit? When should you organize your seminar? The date of the seminar should also be carefully picked. You should of course avoid holiday periods and moments when the company’s activity is at its peak.

Who should be invited to the seminar? What type of seminar should you choose? When you organize a seminar, the key players should be carefully chosen. Ideal Seminar can search for a number of seminar venues according to seminar type: study seminar, motivational seminar, sales seminar, management seminar, integration seminar, cohesion seminar. You can organize completely different seminars with different purposes.

There is now a large amount of flexibility when you choose to organize your corporate event. Non residential, semi residential, residential, short, long, in the city or in the country, in a luxury hotel, on a boat, organizing a seminar knows no boundaries anymore !

Activities ? Organizing a seminar with activities is a must do for seminars that are of a longer duration. Incentive, team building activities, night shows, learning activities, cultural or sports ones, you have a large range of choices when organizing a professional event! Ideal Seminar can help when it comes to picking activities, from a classic night show to the most original ideas, like a murder party.

Where should you eat? With or without an in house restaurant, Ideal Seminar will offer solutions when it comes to organizing your event. Ideal Seminar is an Idéal Gourmet brand, and they are the specialists for booking restaurants in France. Our counselors can advise you and book a quality all inclusive menu for you and your co-workers, picked among our numerous partner restaurants.





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