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Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event

Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur


The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region is the French region with the most pleasant climate, mild and sunny all year. With mountains and the sea as its borders, a seminar in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur will really allow you to enjoy a number of activities with your co workers. A number of cities can welcome a quality seminar, close to nature: Nice, Marseille, Avignon, Toulon, Digne les Bains, Gap… Between two meetings your colleagues will enjoy all types of tourism: sea side, water, urban, historic, country style, sporty. And you can organize a number of incentive and team building activities. A seminar in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur also means a discovery of local cuisine: anchoïade, aioli, bouillabaisse fish soup, olive oil, pastis liqueur, Nice salad, tapenade…

The region of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur is one of France’s major economic poles with a very well developed transport network: several international airports, some high speed train connections allowing you to reach Paris in less than 3 hours, motorways… It is really easy to organize a seminar in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.

If you want to find your seminar venue in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, use our search engine or trust ideal seminar with your request !





Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event

in  Pays de la Loire


The Pays de la Loire region covers 5 different districts. The region is dominated by its capital, Nantes, perfect for a seminar in the Pays de la Loire region. The Atlantic ocean is the region’s western border, and you will find a number of hills and marshes here, so many occasions to organize a seminar in Pays de la Loire. The Pays de la Loire region is well appreciated for its natural history: the Poitou marshes, Grand Lieu Lake, Aiguillon Bay, the Vendée Breton marshes, Ile d’Yeu… All those visits can be enjoyed during your Pays de la Loire seminar. It is also famous for its cultural heritage, yet another reason to organize your corporate event in Pays de la Loire. Le Puy du Fou, the Loire Valley and its chateaux, Le Mans Cathedral, the Medieval town of Guérande… all those activities can be offered co workers during your Pays de la Loire seminar.

Enjoy a biking trip between the ocean and the salt lakes, between blue sea and green fields. Pays de la Loire is perfect for biking.

professional event in the Pays de la Loire region is a perfect moment to discover gourmet cuisine as well. Enjoy your seminar in the Pays de la Loire region to pile up on sweets: Nantes berlingot candy, Anjou “quernons d’ardoise”, Vendée brioche, Retz shortbread. Come taste the famous Cointreau, spring vegetables from Nantes, rillette paté…

You can come here by road, train or plane, the network here is really well developed, it is close to Paris, very convenient for your Pays de la Loire seminar !

If you want to find your seminar venue in the Pays de la Loire region, use our search engine or trust ideal Meetings & Events with your request !



Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event

Champagne Ardenne


Organizing a seminar in the Champagne Ardenne region gives you an opportunity to visit the vineyards and wine houses, among the most famous in the world: the Champagne houses.

Sites and itineraries are very diverse and you can discover cultural heritage along with gourmet cuisine. During your seminar in Champagne Ardenne, you will discover its towns and all its riches: Troyes with its old houses, Châlons en Champagne, its monastery and waterways, Langres and its city walls, Epernay and its champagne, Sedan and its château, Reims with its cathedral or Colombey les deux Eglises with the Charles de Gaulle Memorial.

Organize your seminar in Champagne Ardenneand you can enjoy numerous activities in between two meetings: on the water, in the air or on the ground, quad, hiking trails, air balloon, canoeing…

seminar in Champagne Ardenne is the perfect moment to enjoy some products from the region, tasting champagne or white blood sausage from Rethel, tripe sausage from Troyes, Ardennes ham, those are just some of the specialties.

150 km from Paris only, it is easy to get to Champagne Ardenne region for your seminar. The region boasts a nice road network along with railways, airports, inland waterways.

If you want to find a seminar venue in Champagne Ardenne, use our search engine or trust Ideal Seminar with your request.





Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event

in Alsace


Why not organize your seminar in Alsace, a region located at the heart of Europe? The largest cities in the region, Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar are all ideal for seminars.

This region is culturally rich and very special. The Haut Koenigsbourg Chateau, Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral, Mount St Odile, the automobile museum or the wine route, all this can be visited if you choose Alsace for your seminar. The city of Strasbourg is home so several European Institutions: the Parliament, Council of Europe and the Human Rights Court. The city centre is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Now of course here are several points of interest for your co-workers if you choose to have your professional event in Alsace.

Alsace is one of the regions in France with most Michelin star decorated restaurants. And on top of excellent cuisine, a corporate event in Alsace will allow you to discover local wines and beers.

For getting to your seminar venue in Alsace, the A4 motorway is a good possibility and of course the TGV Est, only 2:20 min between Paris and Strasbourg. The road network has developed a lot around the A35 for a good North South possibility in the region.

To find your seminar venue in Alsace, use our search engine or trust us with your request !





Organize a seminar or an event

Organize a seminar or an event



Why not organize your corporate events in Paris ? Organizing it in Paris offers a large number of advantages :

  • A wide variety of hotels with a large capacity for your residential seminars
  • Hotels suited to all budgets (2 to 5 stars)
  • At the heart of Europe, Paris is easily accessible from all cities in France and Europe, by train or plane
    • Paris is the nr1 aerial hub in Europe
    • Over 400 TGV trains a day arrive in Paris
  • Numerous congress centres, all over Paris.
  • You will find a high concentration of gourmet restaurants and Michelin star Chefs in Paris
  • World capital of culture, Paris boasts a number of museums, fairs during the whole year, monuments famous throughout the world…

Seminar in Paris: combine culture and work

If you want to combine culture and work for your professional seminar, don’t look any further, organize your event in Paris !

Organizing your seminar will also allow you to visit the city: Notre Dame, Montmartre, the Louvre, Grévin or Musée d’Orsay will have no secrets for you. And why not enjoy a view of the whole city from the top of the Eiffel Tower ?

Seminar in Paris : what does it cost?

It all depends on the comfort level you are looking for. But whatever you decide, you should know that residential seminars in Paris (or non residential) will be slightly more costly than in the rest of the country. That is of course explained by high hotel costs in Paris.

But you should of course not forget that you are saving lots on transport costs by choosing Paris.

Seminar in Paris: gourmet cuisine

Paris, as a capital, is home to some true gourmet temples like l’Arpège, Guy Savoy… For a beautiful conclusion to your Parisian seminars, present participants with a unique experience, dinner in a 3 star Michelin restaurant !

Seminar in Paris: nights out

Paris by night… Parisian night life is famous throughout the world, among others thanks to its cabarets ! LidoCrazy HorseMoulin RougeParadis Latin

Seminar in Paris: the venues

Paris boasts over 1000 hotels! In order to find a place for your seminar in Paris, complete our form or click on the map !



Call for tenders for seminars and events

Call for tenders for seminars and events

You need to organize company seminars? You would like to call for tenders?

We organize your call for tenders for seminars and events at no extra cost!

Call for tenders for seminars

IDEAL Meetings & Events is a no fee agency

Notre société IDEAL  Meetings & Events answers many calls for tenders from companies looking for services relating to the organization and logistics of seminars and events.

IDEAL  Meetings & Events offers its services dedicated to the organizers of seminars, MICE and other company events whether they are with or without calls for tenders.

Call for tenders for seminars

You are responsible for the organization of a seminar?

You would like to launch a call for tenders for the organization of a seminar?

2 possibilities are presented to you since you can decide

  • Organizing everything yourself (transport, hotel, restaurant, work space, conference venue, activities, animations, team building or incentives…) or
  • Entrust the organization of your seminar or event to a team of professionals specialized in calls for tender

Call for tenders for seminars

The major advantage that we bring as a specialist in organizing seminars, events and MICE besides the fact that we save you precious time, is our capacity to answer your needs with a perfectly adapted offer. Furthermore, you will most often obtain the best negotiated prices thanks to our business volume.

The services of IDEAL Meetings & Events will allow you to save at least 10% on your event budget when organizing your call for tenders for the the organization of an event.

Call for tenders for seminars

Call for tenders for seminars and events and venue finding

We are here to launch your call for tenders for free with complete objectivity

Our services are free since we are compensated by our 10 000 referenced partners all over France.

Our mission for your call for tenders is to collect the specific requirements for your project and request the suitable handlers so that they can prepare a tailor-made offer which meets your expectations and most importantly your budget.

You will therefore receive different propositions and will be able to make your choice according to your own criteria.

Call for tenders for seminars

The advantages of our services for calls for tenders regarding events:

  • Comparative offer of service suppliers with complete objectivity
  • Free, fast and personalized, a dedicated project manager at your event
  • Time gain: the offers are adapted to your request, the quotes are grouped
  • Financial gain: you compare and we promote competition
  • Efficiency: more than 7 000 events managed per year
  • 96% satisfaction rate



Event glossary

Event glossary


Artistic agency: Agency specialized in the management and offer of artistic events

Event agency: Service supplier specialized in the conception and organization of an event. It can organize entirely or partly the event

Artistic animation: Presence of artists during an event. They can be professional artists or artists that offer their services during events.

Roving entertainers: Animation that moves during the event and has the goal of entertaining the participants, for example comedians

Stationary animation: Unmoving animation that needs a dedicated space and a particular attention from the participants at a certain moment of the event

Announcer: Organization or company that experiences the event

Plenary assembly: Marks the beginning of an important conference with the possibility of assembling all the event’s participants

Auditorium: Location whose architecture has been specifically intended for its acoustic quality

Buffet: Sweet and savory dishes and drinks for a reception

Dinner buffet: Sought out during cocktails, offers drinks, hors d’oeuvres and dishes that the participants can easily eat while standing up

Cabaret : Establishment with shows including tricks and songs, acts and revues

Castle: In event organizing, we consider castles that have been renovated into hotels, reception halls or meeting rooms

Circus: Location adapted for animations

Cocktail: Reception during evenings offering a meal as a buffet

Conference: Meeting where the participants debate on an issue disposing generally of private rooms

Congress: Inter-branch work meeting during which the participants debate on an issue and disclose the result of their study

Convention: Work meeting, either internal which aims to inform, reflect on, train or treat company problems, or external which aims to present a product or with the view of a promotional communication

Cruise: Event organized on a boat

Decibel: Acoustic unit of measure that allows to evaluate sonic intensity

Charming abode: Large exceptional residential property which can be rented or privatized for an event

U layout: Meeting room in which the layout of the chairs is shaped like a U. Recommended for meetings with a limited number of participants

“School” layout: Each participant disposes of a chair and their own table

“Theatre” layout: The most classical layout: the participants are sat facing the speaker

“Cocktail” layout: Indicates the highest number of people that the hall can accommodate when standing

DMC: Destination Management Company, incoming agency as part of international events

Gala: Party that often takes place in prestigious or ceremonial venues

Incentive: Techniques destined to improve and maintain the motivation of the entire staff of a company

Product launch: Important event to which are invited journalists and people that exert influence on the success of a product launch. Generally, the choice of venue is unique for this type of event

Unusual location: Paid use of a hall generally not open to the public

Loft: Unusual location for an event that focuses on its comfort

Meeting: Work assembly

Outbound & Inbound: Means back and forth. Out of the airport of origin and In to the airport of origin

“Pax”: Term derived from airline industry that means “paying passenger”. Can also mean “person” in restoration

PCO: Professional Congress Organizer is a logistic organizer for a congress. They are a service supplier in guidance, management and coordination of the event, booking…

Event supplier: Supplier that offers a service for an event

Hall privatization: Entirely or partially privatizing a location generally open to the general public

Roadbook: Factsheet given by the organizer that explains the program of the event

Roadshow: Presentation tour of new products or services by the representatives of a company

Conference hall: Venue intended for the organization of a conference

Reception hall: Venue intended to host festive or friendly events

Meeting room: Venue intended for meetings

Fair: Temporary and often periodical exhibition with a theme

Seminar: Associate meeting during one or several days in order to work in a particular atmosphere

Residential seminar: Includes the accomodation of the participants for an overnight stay, access to meeting rooms and entire restoration

Showroom: Venue for exhibitions or sales in which the products of the manufacturer are presented

Dance evening : Event location accepting this type of performance

Team Building : Activities which aim to tighten the relationships of the team and develop the collective values like cohesion and interdependence

TMC: Travel Management Company is the term applied in Anglo-Saxon countries to designate the big travel agencies

Videoconference: Conference during which one of the participants isn’t physically present but is generally by video

Venue Finding : Service activity that literally means “research for meeting locations”

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VAT in Events

VAT in Events


How to maximize the recovery of VAT in event organizing/MICE?


Does your company recover the VAT?

First, we must define if your company can recover the VAT. How to know if your company recovers the VAT? Nothing more simple, ask your administrative and financial director or your accountant. Without generalizing, as every company is unique, companies generally recover VAT when the expense is exposed in the interest of the company.

But there are exceptions

Exceptions depending of the form of the company (generalities)

  • Associations don’t recover VAT
  • Auto-entrepreneurs don’t recover VAT
  • Small structures that have opted for franchising of the VAT
  • Exceptions depending on your activity
  • Bank and Insurance don’t recover VAT for example
  • Exceptions depending on the type of expense
  • For example, the VAT expenses on tourism vehicles are not deductible

Once you have analyzed if your company can recover VAT (generally a question to ask yourself is: does my company collect VAT?), you can analyze the event or MICE expenses that are deductible.


Analyze of event expenses

Yet again, we must refine the analysis as the location of the event is important. Abroad each country has its own rules, you will surely need the help of a tax lawyer.If your company is based in France and the event or seminar is organized in France it will be easier.

Then, it depends on the type of organization of your event or seminar.

  • Seminar, meeting or event organized by yourself: maximized deductibility
  • Seminar, meeting or event organized by a travel agency: VAT deductible only on the margin realized by the agency if they state it on the invoice. The deductibility is not optimal
  • Seminar, meeting or event organized by an agency under a mandate contract: maximized deductibility

Finally, certain expenses are deductible, others aren’t.

  • Restoration: Deductible
  • Hall rental: Deductible
  • Team Building: Deductible
  • Overnight stay for staff or manager: Non Deductible
  • External overnight stay: Deductible
  • Technical: Deductible


We are talking here of one part of event organizing and MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Congress and Events) including seminars.

Warning! For VAT to be deductible, other than what has been previously stated, the invoice must contain certain mentions, we call these conditions of form (invoice > 150€, tolerance above)

  • Client’s intercommunity VAT number
  • Complete name of the supplier and the client
  • Date of issue
  • SIREN Number
  • Heading of the article
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • VAT rate

In any case, it is essential to get this analyzed by your financial service or by professionals.

You want to maximize the VAT recovery in the MICE, event and seminar organizing?

Contact us, we manage these difficulties since 2004!


Article written in 2014, taxation changes every day…

Study day satisfaction survey

Study day satisfaction survey

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No fee Event Agency

No fee Event Agency

IDEAL Meetings & Events is since its start, a totally free Event Agency. Indeed, we guide and accompany you with no fees for your company.

Our business volumes, our unequaled experience in the event field and our large number of negotiated contracts allow us to not bill any fees to our clients. We are only compensated via our business finder commission given by our suppliers.

Our “Low Cost” business model offers to companies’ purchasing departments a real alternative to traditional agencies. We are a low cost event agency but with an unequaled level of satisfaction of 96%!

Apart from agency fees that aren’t billed (normally situated between 8 and 15%), we also make you save up to 30% on prices and between 5 and 10% on costs (deposit fees, time spent researching locations, referencing suppliers…). This equals a potential saving of over 50%!

We do so all while accompanying you throughout your project.

IME, the low cost event agency, supplies a 100% free service of remarkable efficiency!