Reporting & Quality

Reporting & Quality


It is the presentation of reports and analytical reviews regarding the activities and results of your company, it is designed to inform the people concerned.

Our reporting facilitates the analysis of your expenses

Our systems apprehend the data at the source allowing to transcribe it in the desired format. The analysis of all your expenses (by type of expense) by your personal report (by BU, region…) is easily available online via a secure access. You can therefore analyze your savings in all transparency online.

We negotiate for you

In order to obtain the best offer in terms of price, relevance and sales conditions, we monitor the principal indicators of performance, the service contracts defined at the start and the general conditions and prices.

Your online report estimates all completed savings
Performance Measure

In the interest of improvement, a healthy Performance Measure is essential. Therefore, a personalized questionnaire is sent following each event.

The received information allows to better understand your expectations and issues. They follow a rigorous procedure and are finely analyzed. The results give in real time a return of the efficiency of our teams and an accuracy and quality of the proposed suppliers.