Efficiency and Reactivity

Efficiency and Reactivity

Our concern: Finding a solution to your need!



Available and flexible, your Project Managers are trained to bring precious and unique advice.

This training goes through the essential stage of the weekly Educ Tour: Knowing our Locations!

  • Every Wednesday night since 2005, the team visits our partners, discovers the innovations and tests the cuisine.
  • Therefore, the Project Managers know all our Parisian and its surrounding locations
  • The hotel business isn’t left behind and the Educ Tours take place at the weekend with visits of the spaces and overnight stays
  • These weekly engagements are the base of our profession and permit an unprecedented efficiency

Therefore, once the requirements are stated, the Project Manager offers verbal known and tested solutions.


A unique Project Manager follows your project from A to Z


A selection of locations for all budgets and at the best prices is systematically offered.


96% of our clients are satisfied by our services


Efficiency & Reactivity IDEAL Meeting & Events

Efficiency & Reactivity IDEAL Meeting & Events