Change Management

Change Management

Change management

Example: Information Meetings/Workshop

The organization of information meetings gathering together your advisers for a short presentation of our services promotes human contact and helps the process of change. Putting a face to a name constitutes a major stage in the relation.

A good communication is essential to the process of change.

The set up of our solution goes through a process of change and a diligent follow-up, essential to our professionalism.

  • A Key Account Manager is assigned to each company under contract
  • Your project manager insures periodical meetings during which the necessary improvements are decided
  • The implementation phase goes through adviser information meetings
  • Communicating via the intranet/extranet is essential to channel needs



  • Finally, deciding on the format of the adequate reports in order to maximize these essential tools.
  • Their analysis will be an asset in the decisions and strategic management of your expenses.